Annette was born on August 23 in Buffalo NY. She had 5 siblings – 3 sisters and two brothers.

When she was young, her mother left the 6 children and her father for a long time (for no particular reason other than she didn’t want to be tied down). Back then, children were not allowed to remain with the father. She and her siblings were split up and sent to different foster homes. For a long time, she and her sisters were placed at St. Vincent’s Orphanage for girls. Today, that building is occupied by Health Sciences Charter School in Buffalo, NY.

Later, she married Russell Sciabarrasi and they had 6 children, including my father, John.

She lived at 141 Vern Ln, Buffalo, 14227-1347.

Vern Lane.


At cousin Russell’s birthday.

At cousin Russell’s birthday.